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Don't let our non-stop PS3 and Wii coverage fool you—we're still slaves to that little digital audio player that Apple makes. We know that you all like (or hate) the iPod and have an odd affinity for vacuum tubes, so talking about the Vuum VTi-B1 is quite easy. The vacuum tube amp pumps out sound at 15W per speaker and has the ever-popular piano finish that all the little boys and girls have been asking Santa for. The Vti-B1 functions like every other iPod dock out there in that it charges the player and lets you output the iPod's audio/video content to higher end equipment should you have any lying around.

Let's be honest for a second: the only reason anyone would pick up this $700 glorified iPod dock is because it's got more vacuum tubes in it than your old TV and that makes you happy in that special place. And it's not even the only one to feature such vacuum tubery.

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