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The Beatles are coming to an online music store near you "soon." So says EMI's head suit David Munns. Why should you care? Well, besides the fact that, you know, the Beatles pretty much invented the modern concept of a rock band, we could see an interesting battle between Apple and Microsoft. Will iTunes or the Zune Marketplace claim such hits as "Yesterday" and "Twist and Shout"? Will you be jamming out to "Day Tripper" on your iPod or Zune?

As we all know, the Beatles are pretty much the only band not available on any of the legitimate online music stores. (I'm sorry, but allofmp3 doesn't count.) I can't wait to (possibly) 3 plays/3 days share such obscure hits as "Penny Lane" with random young ladies on the street. "Hey there, hot mama, have you heard of the Beatles? They're this totally cool band..." (Cue mace to the face.)

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