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The Eye of Sauron was directed elsewhere this weekend, namely the PS3 and Wii launches. Tough luck Mr. Frodo, because we're back with more Zune coverage. This time, it's Belkin's case accessories for the Zune.

We have the Acrylic Case, the Folio Kickstand Case, and the Holster Case. Our review results, in scrambled order, are so-so, great, and decent. Find out which goes to which after the jump.


First, the Acrylic Case. It's basically just a plastic outer shell for your Zune. Seeing as the Zune's already somewhat chunky, the the plastic case makes it even more unweidly. Not for those with tight pants. Seeing as the Zune is somewhat scratch-resistant, with its plastic rubberized finish, another plastic case seems unnecessary unless you're really intent on roughing up your player.

But if you do get this case, you'll notice that it's a bit of a tight squeeze to get your Zune in. In fact you'd be worried that just putting your Zune into the case may scratch up the finish. We wouldn't recommend the Acrylic case at $29.99, unless you really want some extra protection.

The second is the Holster case, which has a belt holster and a clear plastic screen. This one's pretty decent for nerds who commute to work via public transit. Although the case isn't soft like the Folio case, it is leather-ish and feels sturdy. We'd rate this one a decent buy at $29.99.


Lastly, there's the kickstand Folio case (shown above), which comes with microfibers on the inside and soft leather on the outside. This one is the largest of the three, but the most comfortable. It may be too large for your pocket—once again, if you're Barry Gibb—but it's not too bad. There's also a kickstand to open up so you can prop up your Zune for video watching on your desk.

The Zune slides in easily, and there's enough cushioning and padding to keep it safe from drops from the hip. And at $29.99, the same price as the others, this seems to be the best buy.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

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