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The guys at Mobile Review have gotten their hands on a copy of what they're calling Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 for Pocket PC, otherwise known as Crossbow. While they decry its paucity of all-new features, the good news is there will be increased interface speed and bundled IP telephony, along with a bunch of new noises the thing makes. Too bad they're getting rid of my personal favorite sound, Old Telephone.

Another welcome new feature: support for HTML in messages. It's about time. Other than that, it looks like there's not a whole lot of new stuff here. It looks like this is just stopgap for the holy grail, Windows Mobile Photon, which is expected to be released in a couple of years. But when will we see this version? And will we be able to upgrade our existing phones?

The reviewers predict the first devices loaded with this updated operating system will appear in the second quarter of next year, with only HP and E-Ten on the list of companies that are ready to upgrade existing devices. Check out the long-winded review for every conceivable detail.

Review of Windows Mobile 6.0 for PPC (Crossbow) operating system [Mobile Review]