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If Nvidia's new DX10-based cards are too expensive for your tastes, Sapphire Tech has a high-end card that won't blow your budget. The Ultimate X1950 Pro is a PCI-e x16-based card that couples a 580MHz GPU (up from the X1950 Pro's default 575MHz) with 256MB of GDDR3 memory. Cooling and noise control are handled by Zalman Tech, which managed to get one of their heatsinks onto the card. The card is also HDCP-compliant and has two dual-link DVI outputs. It'll be out next week for $229. No details on whether the card will be a single-slot card or not (it doesn't look like it is with that massive heatsink), but either way it's a nice way to give your PC a quick video upgrade.

Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro [via Daily Tech]