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Our FAQ for the Xbox 360's video download service keeps growing.


How Long Does it Take to DL a Movie?
I'm in SF, on Comcast's 6Mbit cable modem service. I started downloading Akira Kurosawa's Dreams at 10PM PST. And an hour and a half later, I'm only 20% through. This is a standard def, 2 hour movie that weighs in at 1.3GB. The math: based on my 6mbit connection, I'm looking at about 7-8 hours of download. So, it seems the best strategy for buying and watching Xbox Live flicks is...

to set em to DL in the morning before work, or before you go to bed, and have them ready the next morning. HD movies, at around 5-6GB, should take almost a day straight. I wonder if Comcast will throttle my bandwidth. Looks like this might take you considerably longer than going to blockbuster. Or if you're queuing up multiple movies, even Netflix might be a bit faster. If you're buying movies, tell us how long they take to download.

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