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We picked up on a story the other day about Pentax's gold-plated camera that was allegedly waterproof and dustproof, and we said it was released to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary. Not true. Our friends at tell us they talked to Pentax reps and found out the truth: it turns out the camera was actually released in 1981 to commemorate the company's 10 millionth LX SLR camera sale. Here's the straight scoop:

They created a limited edition "LX Gold" edition which was 18 carat gold plated and wrapped in brown leather lizard skin. It came in a wooden box with red lining and silk gloves for handling. Only 300 pieces were made with 200 going to Japan and 100 for the international market. But not all were sold as some were given away for photo contests and other PR stunts making it a super rare find.

Thanks, guys, for setting us straight!

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