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A lot of you are writing in wondering what the deal is with the PS3's scaling issues. Here's the straight shot.

•Lots of PS3 games run at 720p, natively.

•Lots of pre-2003/2004 era HDTVs don't do both 720p and 1080i, just one or the other.

•When a PS3 is connected to one of these legacy TVs that doesn't support 720p, the 720p games get dropped to a droopy 480p, instead of the happier 1080i res.

•Sony is working on a fix.

The Xbox acts differently:

•Xbox 360 does not do this; it runs everything at whatever setting you declare in the system menu.


Granted, tons of older HDTVs have this problem. But maybe you early adopters should use this as an excuse to upgrade to a nice flat panel. Use one of our black friday deals. Go ahead, you deserve it.