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Not so long ago, while doing deep research on Xbox Live's new video service, our own "Master Chief" Brian Lam found himself SOL on a video download. Yeah, Microsoft took his money, but left him alone, pantsless, movieless and possibly missing a kidney.

Then Microsoft responded.

From Major Nelson's blog:

We strongly encourage all folks who have experienced an error message or did not receive a download they purchased to call customer support at 1-800-4MYXBOX. I also want to mention that if you see the 'Points have been deducted from your account...' message when you are trying to download free content, we are NOT deducting points.

We are glad that Microsoft is not actually deducting the points (for now), but why was the service ever programmed to tell you that it did? And what's with this 'phone call for the fix' philosophy? Once again, if users receive an error message, shouldn't Microsoft know of the error and be on top of the fix?

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