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JVC rolled out its HA-NC80 noise-canceling headphones, offering two modes of quietude. Wide Mode is geared toward jet travel, while Low Mode is more suitable for trains and buses. They fold flat for easy packing, have a dual plug adapter for airplane entertainment systems and will be available next month for a dirt-cheap $59.95. Another pic and more info, after the jump.

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Here's how JVC explains its approach to noise reduction in the NC80s:

The HA-NC80 offers both "wide" and "low" noise cancellation modes. The "wide" mode targets a wider frequency range than the "low" mode, and cancels the type of noise typically found in a commercial jet cabin. The "low" mode cancels a slightly narrower and lower frequency range, one associated with the noise generated by trains and buses. In addition, the headphones can be used with noise cancellation turned off.

JVC's older model of noise-canceling headphones, the HA-NC100, offer a 10-22,000Hz frequency response, but cost 20 bucks more, lack that dual mode system of their NC80 brandmates, and at 11.8 oz. are a bit heavier on the head.


The company claims 75% noise reduction with both of these noise-canceling cans, but we would suggest in-ear phones when flying on a jet, with which you won't be able to hear any of that engine or wind noise at all.

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