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With the iPod's white earbuds being as much a fashion accessory as the iPod itself—with people even buying them to wear with other players—earbuds must now look good in addition to sounding good. These V-MODA Vibes? Well, they're not only pleasing to the eyes and ears, they feel like butter in the ear canal. Butter made of soft, molded silicon.

Although the expensive Shure-brand earbuds are usually the ones audiophiles turn to for music on the go, not everyone feels comfortable throwing down $400 for something that undoubtedly gets lots every six months. Good news, as the V-Moda Vibe performs as well as $100 earbuds should.

V-MODA touts "vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs" on the Vibes. My experience? That's actually fairly accurate. The bass wasn't overloaded like in most cheapo earbuds you find for under $50. The mids and highs were also clear; much clearer than the default iPod or Zune earbuds.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

But of course how they sound is less important if you can't stand wearing these earbuds for a long period of time. Not a problem here. The "ultra-soft silicon" fittings feel fine in my ears, sliding easily into the ear canal. Essentially the Baby Bear of earbuds—not too deep and not too shallow—just right. No harsh earbud pad to scrape off both your earwax and the skin underneath.


And finally, the looks. To me they genuinely look better than most other earbuds, even if they do stick out a bit Frankensteinishly when you wear them. No matter. That's everyone else's problem. You're busy rockin' out to Journey.

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