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We've already established that Japan's Thanko likes to make some wonky gadgets, so let today be no different. The VIGLBL01 Head Mounted Display plugs into any of your many video sources and displays the image on the tiny screens inside the unit. While you're actually looking at two small screens, the unit plays tricks with your brain so you think you're looking at a 37-inch screen from a distance of 6.5 feet.

Truth be told, these head-mounted displays have never really caught on with the public (Virtual Boy, anyone?) in the past. Carrying a $255 price tag surely doesn't help Thanko's case either. The company does try to make this square peg into that circle by giving it decent battery life (four to five hours) and stereo sound. Still, is looking like a complete tool worth the trouble in this scenario?

Product Page (in Japanese) [Thanko via]