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Getting in a quick word during a movie will no longer be safe if Regal has anything to do with it. They have begun a program at 25 different locations where frequent movie goers, who are more mature (not 14-year-old kids), will receive a pager-like device. From the pager you can push a button if there is a disruption in the audience, like someone talking on a cellphone, and it can also report problems with the projector, room temperature or other problems. Pushing a button will immediately summon an usher to the theater to shine their somewhat-bright flashlight in the face of the cellphone user and hopefully kick them out.

The persons using the pagers will also be rewarded for nabbing chatty Cathy's with free popcorn. The system may roll-out nationwide if the initial testing proves to be successful. Bravo, Regal Cinemas. Good to see you taking care of the these nuisances because we know the FCC isn't doing anything.

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