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They're not as thin as their competitors, and they're nowhere near as attractive as them either, but Sanyo's M1 and SPC-7000 were welcomed into the Sprint family this morning. The music-loving M1 (shown) has a full gig of memory and can play MP3s and AAC files. It's also got a 2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth with A2DP support (meaning you'll be able to use it with headphones like this). The SPC-7000 on the other hand was built to take on a little bit of punishment. It's not quite a rugged phone, but has swappable face plates and a rubber grip to prevent it from slipping from your hands. The M1 is going for $349 while the SPC-7000 will set you back $199.


Sanyo M1 Music Phone for Sprint [via SlashPhone]