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If your lifelong dream was to watch 128x128 video on a watch like the one you had in 8th grade, well, now you can die happy. The same watch as sold on Brando, but about $10 cheaper for the 2GB version and ships from inside the US. Of course, the thing uses an OLED display, which means it's going to be a bit harder to watch outdoors. But if you buy the watch, what are the chances you'll be going outdoors?


Besides the 128x128 pixel, 1.5-inch screen, the thing can display the time and date (how does it do that?), plays back MP3/WMA, and even has voice recording. Great for surrupticiously recording yourself being fleeced by the local mechanic. What do you mean it costs $79.99 for an oil change?

Product Page [Think Geek]