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Last week brought word on how to copy Blu-ray movies using your PS3 and some Linux trickery. This week we learn how to copy HD DVD movies using your Xbox 360 and some side equipment. It's actually not all that hard by the looks of it and just requires following a simple how-to.


The premise is this: you need to hook up your Xbox 360's component cables to a fast enough, non-Vista Windows PC that's got a RAID 0 set up. Generally, capturing HD content takes up about 6GB of space per minute, so you'll need plenty of space and fast enough hard drives to capture all that data. (Hence, the RAID 0 configuration.)

That's pretty much all there is to it. Since this is going over component cable, an analog connection, there's no pesky DRM to get in your way. This is pretty great and makes renting HD DVDs all the more rational. Laws, shmaws.

How to Copy HD-DVDs [Jake Ludington's MediaBlab via Xbox-Scene]