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Those of you lucky enough to have a PlayStation 3 will notice that a system firmware update to version 1.30 pops up as soon as you turn on your console. According to our bloodbrothers at Kotaku, the update is intended to fix that problem when playing a 720p game on an older HDTV that can't display 720p—it drops the rez to 480p instead of playing it at the 1080i your set can display. The PS3 now defaults to 1080i in your resolution hierarchy, apparently fixing the problem.

But this only works if you're playing a game that supports both 720p and 1080i. Early reports say that the PS3 still can't upscale a game from 720p to 1080i. So in games such as Resistance, whose only HD resolution is 720p, you'll still get bumped down to 480p rather than up-rezzed to 1080i. Sigh.


Like That, Another PS3 Firmware Update Hits [Kotaku]