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One of the main attractions of Apple's upcoming iPhone is how much integration it will have with OS X. Being able to sync your calendar, contacts, tasks, email, files, bookmarks, and whatever else with your Mac is a dream for many Apple users today. But how much integration and how heavily Apple is counting on this to sell the phone is that hasn't quite been explored.

AppleInsider spins a yarn.

The project originally started about three years ago along with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4). Apple put something together from its proprietary hardware and software and started showing it to wireless partners.


The main selling point was to integrate with OS X, with one application being the ability to control .Mac services from the road. Others were iTunes integration, video ringback tones that you set through Address Book, being able to send a video to the person you called that plays before the call was answered, and full iChat integration (video conferencing).

During the tour, Apple was reportedly both talking with T-Mobile and analyzing MVNO possibilities. The deal may not have panned out yet, but they've "become very good friends".


An interesting tale, one which we'll get to see the fruits of firsthand come January.

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