This week at Lifehacker:

Geocaching 101
"A high-tech treasure hunt in which the journey itself is often the biggest reward, Geocaching substitutes a GPS receiver for the tattered old pirate map and a box of trinkets for the treasure chest."

  • Mouseless navigation
    "Today I'm releasing an improved version of my Mouser app with an eye on customization."
  • DIY gifts for the holidays
    "Here's a list of four affordable do-it-yourself gifts that show just how ingenious, caring, and special you really are."
  • Organize your holiday card list with Google Spreadsheets
    "Your spouse has contacts stored in Outlook at the office, and you've got some in Gmail and in your computer's address book at home. How do you coordinate your holiday card list? With Google Spreadsheets, that's how."
  • Ultimate DIY gamer's cabinet
    "Each level stows one console, with lighted CPU fans built-in to either side of the shelf for ventilation and a futuristic look, and hangers for controllers on the side."
  • Host your own photo gallery with Gallery2
    "This week, I'll show you how to install Gallery2, a free, open source web application that lets you publish and manage your digital images for web consumption on your own web server, whether it's your home server or hosted account."
  • Download YouTube videos for your portable device
    "...provide Vixy with the URL of any web page with an embedded YouTube video. Vixy will grab the embedded flash video, convert it to the proper format, then provide you with the new, freshly-converted video."
  • Sneak Preview: Lifehacker the book's table of contents
    "Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day contains the best hacks from the site's archives all gathered up, laid out and edited squeaky clean into a tidy little package."