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The conventional logic is that no one hires before The Holidays. But this is the absolute peak season for hiring gadget editors.

I know of 5 high level gadget reporting jobs that have been filled since October: that's a lot of movement in this fairly tight space. First hand knowledge aside, the logic is perfectly sound why these pubs need these editors now. The start date for most of those positions begins around January 1st: Right before the colossal CES gadget trade show. Those pubs can't get away with being short staffed then, and non-geek editors would get chopped up in the CE-melee. And its not just the mags. Even a few competing blogs have relayed the info that they're short handed on reporters willing and able to enter the Vegas fray this January.


Many of those who did jump to other pubs have enjoyed lifestyle upgrades, as mags dangle the standard promotion and salary jump to hasten the mutinies. This could be the beginning of some sort of unofficial union: Everyone who covers gadgets should plan on quiting right around next September, so we can all get hired by each other's competing organizations by Turkeyday. With a bigger, better titles, and fat raises, of course.—Brian Lam

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