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Home theater buffs still undecided about which next-gen DVD they should buy should visit, where they use Amazon as a data source to determine which format is "winning" the dvd wars right now.

However, data by itself only gives part of the picture. But it's an important part. As of today, HD DVD is winning


in the number of DVDs that can ship today (125 vs. 107), number of DVDs that can be purchased today (154 vs. 152), the average salesrank of the top 10 products (854.2 vs. 2924.5), and the number of discs in the top 1000/10000. The only category HD DVD is losing in is price, with an average price of $24.60 vs. $21.80. You should know that there are some collector's packs like Mission Impossible for $64 that may be throwing off the price.

The amount of players/drives in existence is still uneven, with the PlayStation 3 being impossible to find and the HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 attaching quite well to the widely available Xbox 360. Once this disparity evens out, then we'll see who the true "winner" is.

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