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We've had a lot of accusations that we are Zune fanboys, cast with far more venom than the former iPod fanboy finger pointing. Why do I believe in our Zune coverage? Because the Zune is approaching the market with a unique perspective, and Microsoft will spend whatever it takes to make the Zune a force in the marketplace, even if version 1.0 isn't quite there yet. Just look at what they've done in the gaming industry.

Still, there are some of you who won't be placated by that explanation. Fret not loyal readers: a philanthropist has heard your cries for help. Blogger NickStarr is taking donations toward the purchase of a Zune so that he may review it in a fair and balanced fashion. Because getting a Zune half-free instead of whole-free means he won't be half as biased as we are.

Waste Your Money Here [via zuneinsider]