Nintendo is finally starting to round out the Wii's promised features — earlier today we were graced by the weather channel, over a month after the system's launch. Now, Opera and Nintendo have announced that a trial version of its browser for the Wii will be available this Friday, Dec. 22, with the final dropping sometime around the end of March. Also revealed was the price for users who download the browser after June: 500 points. Ninja-filled Opera press release comic and more thoughts after the jump.

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While it looks to be far more capable, less clunky, and easier to maneuver than the red-headed stepchild DS version, hopefully a keyboard attachment isn't too far into the future because we have a feeling that the onscreen keyboard is going to turn into a real pain in the ass after a while — that is, after about two minutes. On the upside, the beta (let's call it what it is) is Flash-enabled from the get-go, meaning YouTube goodness is now available on the standard boob tube.

Nintendo Press Release
Opera Press Release
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