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So I'm going to start off by telling you what the MyVu is not. It is not a television replacement, hell it's not even a laptop replacement for watching videos. But beyond that the MyVu does have some great niche uses, if you're comfortable with wearing a pair of goggles that beam images directly into your brain. Make the jump to find out what's awesome and a photo gallery.

First of all this set of portable video glasses comes with its own battery that attaches to the back of the iPod giving you enough juice to watch 3 full length movies. I haven't officially been able to verify this, but I am already through two movies with a decent amount of battery left.


Secondly while the screen only compares to about a 20 inch screen from a couple of feet away, it is still nice for things like riding on a plane, where you don't have to compromise your neck or have your tray table down. It's also great for when your bed ridden in the hospital, like my Dad. He's been in the hospital now for a couple days and is sick of watching the 10 channels he gets on the hospital TV. So I loaded up his iPod with a couple of movies and tv shows, and now he's set.

Aside from those things the MyVu does have a couple of faults. First off there aren't any options to adjust the color. And at least the model I have has a washed out effect. This might be the result of a MyVu feature, which is the ability to "see through" the glasses. Which is quite handy when walking around the apartment while watching videos, which I don't recommend.

All things aside this is going to fill a very small market effectively, especially at the $300 price tag. But it's good to see attempts being made to make the iPod 5G video viewing more useful.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.