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If your pad is anything like mine then your junk drawer is always chock full of 9-volt batteries, but you can never seem to find any AAA batteries, which are usually more common in gadgets than 9-volts nowadays. It seems that most Energizer or Duracell 9-volt batteries actually consist of six 1.5 volt batteries that look like AAA batteries (they are actually a bit smaller, AAAA batteries to be exact). All you have to do is crack the 9-volt casing open, remove the "sausage link" of 1.5-volt batteries, disconnect and use at own will.

Note that this "hack" or "mod" may not necessarily perform the same as a regular AAA battery, but it is still kind of cool to take apart batteries and make them useful. We are also not responsible if you blow up your house from using these renegade batteries.


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