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You may be taking time off for the holidays, but the judges of our Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo contest aren't. Imbetween rescuing helpless kittens from the path of Santa's sleigh, the pet volunteers of Solano County Friends of Animals are digging through the competition entries, looking for the cutest pictures of Iguana with Gameboys and Parrots with iPods. Here's an entry we received from Dave D of his dog Gizmo on hold with AOL trying to cancel his account.

To enter, post your photo of your pet and gadgets on flickr or some other photo hosting service, and email the url to by the 2nd of January. And while you're taking photos of your pets and gadgets, think of animals less fortunate than your own: by clicking on the link on the right, you can donate to Solano County Friends of Animals , a rescue group in the San Francisco bay area that works with homeless pets.


Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Photo Contest: How Cute Are Your Pets?