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PC Mag has teamed up with the Princeton Review and figured out the techno-pecking order of universities, citing the Top 10 Wired Colleges in the United States. There are lots of reasons to pick out a school, such as male-to-female ratio, reputation for serious partying, and oh yeah, there's that academic thing. But then there's that all-important network infrastructure.

They didn't just measure download and upload speed, either. Sure, infrastructure had something to do with it, but the surveys and studies also considered whether professors posted course materials online, what kind of computer training was available, and what sorts of distance learning and high-tech courses were offered. Plus, they've figured in whether the school allows peer-to-peer (cough!bittorrent!cough) connections. How did the schools stack up? We'll go 10 better: jump for the top 20.


1 Villanova University
2 M.I.T.
3 Indiana University Bloomington
4 Swarthmore College
5 Creighton University
6 University of Illinois
7 Michigan Tech University
8 University of Southern California
9 Quinnipiac University
10 University of Oklahoma
11 United States Military Academy
12 University of Minnesota Twin Cities
13 St. John's University
14 Clarkson University
15 Temple University
16 Stevens Institute of Technology
17 Stanford University
18 Eckerd College
19 Pomona College
20 University of Virginia

Hey, where's my beloved alma mater, University of Miami? Oh well, perhaps hardy partying schoolboys are too hungover for online activities. Sigh.

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