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You want to listen to your iPod. You want to answer Skype calls. You can't very easily do both—at least until January, when JAYS releases this bluetooth stereo adapter. Sync it to your phone or computer using Bluetooth 2.0+edr (enhanced data rate), plug your iPod into the mini jack, and then add your favorite headset to the other 3.5mm port on the rubberized black box. The BlueStreamer automatically switches between the iPod and the phone when a call comes in. It has buttons for answering, volume, as well as skip/previous controls, and a built in buzzer. I could do without the belt clip on the back, but love that it uses a AAA battery instead of forcing me to recharge via mini-USB like most other Bluetooth devices.

The BlueStreamer is going to be available in January for $69, and comes with a pair of j-JAYS headphones.


JAYS BlueStreamer [Product Page (via MobileWhack)]