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As prosaic as a mouse may seem, a lot of us spend more time working with one than we do pulling our own puds. That's why we were interested in what ExtremeTech thought were the best mice of the year. Topping off the list as Best General Mouse is the Logitech MX Revolution (pictured at right), which we also praised. Logitech also garnered top honors for Best Gaming Mouse, with its G5 Laser Optical Mouse.

Best Ergonomic Mouse was the Zero Tension Mouse, which also was called the biggest mouse. The ExtremeTechians aren't the only ones who like Logitech mice‚ÄĒwe found the denizens of ESReality testing out 22 mice and calling the Logitech MX 500 optical mouse the champion of fragmanship. Not all of us here are big fans of Logitech mice, though, and some of us stick with the Microsoft Comfort Mouse, which we think is aptly named. What's your fave?

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