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Gaming isn't his beat, but David Pogue takes a look at the Wii. His stance is aligned with most of the Wii-loving press. But his late take gives him the perspective to include a message to the Wiimote-tossing, sloth gaming Nerds, parallel to Gizmodo's thoughts on the issue. Gutsy.

Online, there are already gripes and legal threats regarding Wii-induced muscle aches, which is pretty much what you'd expect from nerds who haven't moved their bodies in years...I have equally little sympathy for people who wind up with nicks and bruises because they ignore the huge, on-screen warning that, before every game, advises you to move furniture out of the way.

Right on. He also wonders why more reviewers haven't called out the Wii's potential for getting kids to get off the couch, as compared to traditional joystick wrangling.


And, in what must be a response to his blog's burgeoning troll traffic, he deftly pre-addresses his hate mail.

Now, I already know what kind of hate mail I'm going to get. "You're a terrible parent," it'll say. "Your kids should be outside getting fresh air and sunshine, playing stickball and walking a mile to school, uphill both ways!"

Yes, O.K., sure. That would be great.

That would also be 1950.

Nice: He fits an SNL grumpy old man reference into the grumpy old Grey Lady.

I am, however, suggesting that the Wii is infinitely better for our kids' health than any other video or computer game - in fact, better than just about any other indoor activity.


True. But not better than DDR, and its flesh-heaving routines.

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