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You know when you go to a casino, and you're up up up up up?! And then you keep playing, until you're so bust you can't even afford a milkshake at some crappy Reno Diner? And then you make out with the 60-year old cougar waitress for her tip jar, just so you can afford gas for the drive back home? No?


Then neither have I.

But if I were some sort of psychotic with a crippling gambling addict I'd probably consider getting the Winner's Bank 200 locking wallet...

As long as you leave the key at home, the wallet's metal, cigarette case sized shell will store your cash or chips so you can't lose em to the house. It sounds crazy. But it just might work. Or I might just get so desperate for money that I drive over and over the case with my car until it pops open. I mean, SOMEONE who is addicted to gambling, yeah, they might do that. Not me.


The instructions are mindblowing:

Instructions on how to use your Winners Bank200:

Leave the keys at home!
Also leave at home all credit cards, ATM cards, and checkbooks.
Bring only a set amount of money, along with a positive, winning attitude.
Have a "Winner's Game Plan." (Read "Winners Bank200 " Card)
When you win, put it in. Put at least 50% of all your winnings.
Winners Bank200 accommodates multiple monetary units including casino chips.
When inserting paper money, fold the bill into eights.
Pull out the "Winners Bank200 " Card, and position it to push the money in.
"Showfor the Money!" into your Winners Bank200 by pushing it in.
Do NOT attempt to pick or break your Winners Bank200.
When you get home, insert the key into the back panel of the keyhole.
Turn the key hard clockwise (to the right).
With the key attached, remove the back panel and get your money out.
Replace the back panel and secure it by turning the key counter-clockwise (left).
Now you are a REAL Winner!


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