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TranSystems has been making its small i-Blue GPS devices for a while, and now its i-Blue757 adds solar power to the mix, making it so you can be lost for weeks at a time and not run out of battery power. This will be great for backpackers and other wanderers.


This isn't the first solar Bluetooth GPS device we've seen—Proporta's Solar Bluetooth GPS unit is quite a bit bigger, however it can also charge up other devices—but this i-Blue757 is the smallest one we've seen yet. It communicates with your smartphone or PDA via Bluetooth, helping you find your way out of the woods without weighing you down. Pricing wasn't announced yet, but a competing model, the Solarius V5-MR, sells for around $85.

But how do you use it? You certainly can't keep this in your pocket and expect it to gather solar energy. Do you pin it onto your hat?


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