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Ozymandias—or as he's known to his mother, Andre Vrignaud—is a member of the Xbox team. A pretty visible member, in fact, with a blog that gives gamers an insight to both the Xbox team and the gaming industry in general.

Well, Oz bought his brother a Zune, and has some pretty valid nit-picks on the device. He notes that the Zune had a lot of bugs when installing on Vista, and tried to sync all of his 500 gigs of music automatically on setup. There's also various sync issues, crashes, and other stuff that's basically focused on the PC-side of the Zune experience. He did like the actual device itself, save for the fact that there aren't nearly as many car adapters as there are for the iPod.


Overall his points are on target, which is nice to hear from someone inside of Microsoft.

Quick Thoughts on Zune [Ozymandias - Thanks Crecente!]