I like to think we have a sort of prestigious weekend club around here. We're casual, tend to lean toward lighter posts and don't require pants. I appreciate our weekend readers (a number that has grown to my delight) because most of you aren't sneaking off to read us because you're bored during the work hours, but giving us the precious free time that you could be (better?) spending with family, housework or Internet porn.

That's why I assembled this little weekend year end review. I put together some of my favorite "remember the time" posts along with a few touches of backstory. But you've just got to hit that jump to read more.

My Favorite Weekend Gadget

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Brando MP4 Watch - Video Killed the MP3 Star
Even though I write about gadgets all the time and use little restraint in my purchases, for some reason I still haven't bought this $98 watch. And I'm remedying that...probably after my holiday credit card statement is paid off in 2 weeks.

My Favorite Weekend BS Gadget
Glass CD - Sounds Like A**
Glass CDs: yup, the Future Is Here, for $830.

My Favorite Overpriced Gadget

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12-Foot Inflatable Home Theatre, Minus The Theatre
This inflatable garbage bag screen will run you $1299. Nice. Also, this story was my first big digg, which gave me warm/fuzzy feelings inside.

My Favorite Tackiest Product/Weekend Revision

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uBreakup: The Tackiest Way to Dump Someone
I think the company that makes the uProducts (automated phone calls that take care of your dirty work for you) is hilarious. I like their marketing, and their ideas are good as both drunken novelty and social commentary.


Anyway, after posting this story and getting a few harsh comments from our readers, the company wrote me and urgently demanded I put a new banner with the story. I think the old banner had word bubbles in which the guy said something like, "I'm getting married, c-ya!" So believe it or not, companies listen to your comments (even if they probably aren't the companies you could give a crap about).

My Favorite Gadget That's Not Really A Gadget

Fletcher Capstan Table: Dinner Party Transformer
While writing the post, I almost pulled the story about 3 times since it really is on the edge of what should be posted on Gizmodo. But then I'd watch the video again, remember how awesome it was and keep typing. Luckily you all agreed.

My Favorite Not Gadget News Post

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Fast Food Tech: Prototype Intercom?
One of my biggest pet peeves is a poorly maintained chain restaurant. I don't care if it's fast food or "family dining", if a company insists on taking over the world, I want that world be assembled correctly.

My wife and I were actually driving through the night before (something we actually avoid for the most part) when we saw the pitiful intercom system. She vowed to return in the morning while I posted, and I contemplated (again) how this felt more like a Consumerist post than something for Gizmodo.


By the way: the extra fast food meal I consumed for that story is just another example of how we go the extra mile around here.

My Favorite Reader Response

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Offensively Binary: Passive, Aggressive
It's not every day that you can out-geek geeks, but we had a secret weapon: binary code. You cracked me up.

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My Favorite Overall Weekend Post
Excuse Box: No Reason to Tell the Truth
I'd hate to explain a joke, so I will just say that this one was my favorite.

I hope you all had as much fun reading as I did writing in '06. And thanks.