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Press conference after press conference, where to begin? In case you were out, you know, living a life, here's a shopping list of some the day's press conference gems.

1. 108-inch Aquos LCD TV from Sharp. Wow.

2. LG's combination Blu-ray/HD DVD player. Why have nasty format wars when you can buy one catch-all player that does the heavy lifting for you?

3. Netgear's SPH200D cordless phone. Combines Skype with good ol' fashion phone fun. Looks nice, too.


4. Toshiba continues to force HD DVD down consumers' throats with another player and a plea to studios, begging for more support for the format. Good luck, bro.


5. Philips' Ambi sound speakers. Surround sound without a bunch of extra speakers all over the house for the win.

6. Sony demoed a potentially cool Internet streaming feature at their press conference. A module will connect their Bravia TVs to the Internet to stream content, including HD content. The problem? When was the last time that Sony ever did anything software-related well? Exactly.


Just wait until the show really starts. That's when the craziness happens.

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