OK, the video above is from the Samsung press conference where they lay out all the details on their new A-VSB digital broadcasting technology, and to be honest, they do a much better job explaining exactly what it is than I ever could. So go ahead and watch it, as Blakeley went through all the trouble of recording it for you.

For those of you too stubborn to watch the video, here's my best shot:

A-VSB uses extra space in the spectrum to enhance current digital TV signals, keeping it more stable and preventing interference by moving objects near the set. It also can be used to broadcast digital TV to portable gadgets such as laptops and cell phones. It's not a cellular technology; rather it's a way of getting TV broadcasting picked up on mobile devices. Make sense? No? Just watch the damn video.

Don't look for this any time soon, as TV stations need to start actually broadcasting A-VSB signals and then products that can pick 'em up need to be released, which won't happen 'til 2008 at the earliest. Kind of far off, but a cool thing to look forward to. If you're still confused, check out this super-helpful diagram of how it works provided by Samsung.

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