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iLuv was showing off their complete line of gear, some of which we've talked about before including an alarm clock and multimedia center iPod dock.

The iLuv 277 alarm clock works as both an iPod dock with video out, as well as an AM/FM radio.


The iLuv i999 is an all-in-one multimedia center, including CD, MP3 and USB-device playback on top of the docking functionality.

But what makes iLuv more than another iSpeaker system? Essentially, iLuv is based upon Bluetooth sharing through a very tiny BluePin key. You plug the key in to and of their docks, and you can stream AV from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The BluePin can also stream media to devices, such as their iLuv i202/i903 wireless headphones, or any third-party Bluetooth version you might already have around the house.


While the quarter-sized Bluepin seems like a neat idea at first, but why not just build the Bluetooth technology directly into these non-mobile devices? Do we really need another tiny thing to lose between our couch cushions?