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So that party that I told you about earlier, the Verizon one? It was at the Palms in the Hardwood Suite, and we headed over after getting kicked out of the HP party for taking videos (we'll show you the footage we smuggled out of there a bit later). We were understandably a bit tired of getting hassled by the man for doing our jobs, so when we told Verizon Corporate Comm Director Brenda Raney our troubles, we were happy to find a sympathetic ear.

At least we thought, until Blakeley snapped a picture of the pool table and Brenda said "Did we not learn something from what we just talked about? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is the Off the Record party after all." Right. She was kind enough to allow us permission to snap a last couple photos of us with some dudes we met from CNET, but you can be sure that we consumed more of the beer they were handing out than we would have if they had let us do our photo and video thing in peace. Think about that, Verizon fun-killers.


Anyhow, we managed to snap enough to show you what a party full of tech PR and journalists look like, and boy aren't you jealous?