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The many wonders of Bluetooth were on display at the Parrot CES booth. The company showed off for the first time several products that use the wireless technology. The 7-inch Photo Viewer lets you shoot off pictures from your cellphone and onto its screen. Transfer time from the demo RAZR was plenty fast, something around 2-3 seconds. As my fine photography skills show, the viewers are available in several colors.


Parrot also has the Confrence Bluetooth speakerphone on display, made for corporate boardrooms. It can patch into cellphones, land lines and Skype to make sure our captains of industry are able to keep in touch 'round the table.

Lastly, there was the Parrot Sound System, a set of Bluetooth speakers that can pair up to any Bluetooth device with music on it, like cellphones. They didn't work when I was present (why would they?) so that means I'm gonna have to head back out there again. Watch this space.