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While slightly lost in the shuffle among the uproar over its Black Ice-chilled XPS 710 H2C and sexy, aluminum-housed 27-inch 2707WFP, Dell's Home Media Suite packs a decent bit of top-notch hardware into the $11,000 bundle they showed off at CES, including the 2707WFP. The package gets you a Core 2 Duo-based XPS 410 outfitted with a TB of storage (there's room for three hard drives), Creative E-MU PM5 Precision Monitor speakers and Live! Voice webcam, dual HD AMD Wonder TV tuners, Bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard, Dell Photo All-in-one 966 printer, and a Linksys WRT350N Draft-N Gigabit router with a Powerline AV bridge for streaming HD video. Running all of this, naturally, is Vista Ultimate, so the package will launch "on or about Jan. 30," according to the Dell rep. Why buy Vista all by its lonesome when you can buy all of this for 28 times the price? More pics than you probably need after the jump.