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Lowepro CompuDayack (and bonus Lowepro pictures of other backpacks)

The Skinny A backpack on steroids. With enough space to hold a 17-inch laptop, two digital SLRs, an iPod and a pony, the CompuDaypack pretty much eats other backpacks' lunch. It's also as soft to the touch as Travis is.

Geared Toward Professionals, imagined or otherwise. Guys who need to lug around that type of equipment while running to the press tent.


The Spin The phrase "walk like a pro, talk like a pro" kinda makes my skin crawl. Wonderful that that's the backpack's tag line.

Counterspin I mean, I did see the bag in action and did get to feel it up. I paid $85 for the garbage backpack I've been using here at CES and the CompuDaypack is $5 less.

Buy it if... You need to haul a mini production studio across long stretches of jungle or across town.


Product Page [Lowepro]