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I would be lying if I claimed that I knew exactly what this invention is about, or how it worked. But here is what I do know:

A friendly Japanese model greets you on a floating 2D display, the "POD". You are unhappy with her conservative outfit, so you place a card labeled with a maid costume on a small plate called the "Material Transfer Field". She changes her clothing (behind a shower curtain, pervs). Then you place a hamburger on the plate and watch her eat it. After she finishes, change her into a bikini...and make her eat another burger. This can go on for us.


These demos were RFID-spawned video loops, we believe, but the final product looks to have some sort of enhanced input capability. Apparently such technology could be used in stores to demonstrate products, or broadcast in real time advertising.

We'd like to see her "advertise" some bananas.