Klipsch rolled out its KlipschCast family of audio products, including the $1300 CS-700 DVD entertainment system, packing 2.1 virtual surround sound, HDMI port and a serious 8-inch down-firing wireless subwoofer. But it doesn't stop there. This CS-700 can also act as a hub, wirelessly transmitting CD-quality audio to any number of RoomGroove Music Centers (pictured here). These $349 iPod docks can play your choice of two sources emanating from the CS-700.

If that remote music doesn't suit you, plug your iPod into the RoomGroove, and separate yourself completely from that CS-700 with your own iPod music playing through its two 2.5 inch ported woofers, rocking out with dual horn-loaded tweeters. Check out a pic of the KlipschCast CS-700 system and a bit of commentary:


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We've had nothing but good experiences with other self-contained Klipsch speakers, digging the iGroove with its splendid design and clean sound. If this setup sounds anything like that, it'll be well worth a listen when they're released in April.

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