Audiovox has been busy creating new stereos based on XM's tiny cartridge-sized adapter, the CNP2000. The cool thing about the adapter is that it replaces the need for a dedicated receiver and you can use it on any stereo that supports it. So what new XM stereos will support the adapter? First up are the XR100 ($120) and XRC200 ($230), two clock radios with built-in iPod docks. The more expensive XRC200 adds a CD player. If you want something more than a clock radio...

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Audiovox also has the CE547XM Micro Shelf system ($130), which outputs 40W of power and comes with a pair of detachable stereo speakers. Personally I like the XR100 which keeps things straight and simple, though high rollers can always splurge on the DV7600XM.


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