I've never seen a full featured keyboard this thin. Thin like an airplane wing, especially looking so as I hold it up against my window at twilight, making Zoooom noises.The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 is a shitty name for this Bluetooth KB and Mouse combo. It shoulda been named the Microsoft Stealth Bomber Keyboard and Mouse.

I ripped its box to shreds getting it out of its casing. And then noticed that this isn't the backlit model. Still, it's the nicest Microsoft Keyboard I've ever seen for 4 other reasons. Besides being skinny it has nice 1) rubberized keys, 2) function keys are are touch only, and it has a 3) proximity sensor that turns the keyboard on and off as you sit down and get up from your desk. And its gorgeous. (4)

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 [Gizmodo]