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"Attack of the 50ft woman screams, 'I LOVE 'THE OFFICE!' "—yoooooon

First off, Microsoft is adding two options when purchasing Vista. The first is that you can download vista over the internet, and the second is a new Family Pack option. Apparently HP has now squeezed by Dell for the Worlds largest PC vendor title. Also, rumor has it that RIM is going to bring a brand new interface along when they release the BlackBerry 9000. And in the "It's about time" section, the kid in that YouTube video that was tasered over and over is finally suing UCLA. And to round out our first ever 'Boring but Important Stuff' post is Moneual Lab's Baroque, a million dollar jeweled-out Home Theater PC.


And as you can, see we have a new section; Picture of the Day. And we're going to need lots of great photo's and captions. So feel free to toss some captions into the comments section and email lots gadgety photos that you've taken or found. We'll post the best caption after an hour or so everyday. So get to work.