We've seen plenty of smart mirrors before, but this one might top them all. Developed by Christopher Enright, the Magic Mirror is a mirror packed with infrared technology that lets you try on clothes without having to put them on. Not only that, but it also lets you take and send snapshots of yourself with your spiffy new threads to any cell phone or e-mail address.

The mirror consists of three panels.

To the left would be a display showing off different clothes, a virtual closet so to speak. After choosing an outfit, the center mirror shows what the outfit would look like on you, without you having to undress. Finally, the third mirror on the right displays shoes, accessories, whatnot that would complement your outfit. The mirror has a cool Jetsons kinda vibe to it, but if I'm trying on a suit, I'd be more concerned about how it fits rather than how it looks.

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