It can be difficult to know what's real and what's fake when it comes to digital art these days. But don't torture yourself worrying about it now: Here are 23 of the most amazing photorealistic 3D renderings of landscapes on the web. Each one is completely synthetic; every single detail generated by madly talented 3D artists. Enjoy.

By Marek Denko

By Alex Alvarez

By Dragos Jieanu

By Arek Tomaszewski

By Alberto Trujillo

By Ben Pretorius

By Aron Kamolz

By Johannes Rosenberg

By Alessandro Mancini

By Jordan Sourtchev

By Stanislav Klabik

By Rodrigo Gelmi

By Gustavo Groppo

By Alex Roman

By Olivier Vernay Kim

LightRay Company

By Ronek Bekerman

By Glen Bruckland, f10studios

Modelling by Giorgio Luciano, Lighting and Rendering by Arnas Gaudutis

By Evermotion

By Lars Braad Andersen

By Thelby Clark

By Toni Bratincevic