If you're an owner of a non-Nano iPod (or a non iPod owner), you're probably looking forward to Nike's Speed+ iPod-replacing watch to save you the trouble of buying another iPod. In addition to Speed+, Nike has three other watches to compliment, not replace, the iPod Nano.

The first, Nike's Flight+, will be released May 1 for $129. The volume and track controls are built into a "rocking bezel" around the Electroluminiscent backlit screen. There will be two colors and it will be able to play back the Nike + iPod voice feedback.

The second, a lower-end bracelet called the Amp+, has its own LED display which can show the time or the iPod control status. You also get an iPod shuffle control pad to adjust volume, playback, or call up the Nike Sport kit stuff. This will be $79 on May 1.


The third one, Aero+, seems to be the male version of the Flight+. It's less feminine and comes with two colors as well. It's the same price as the Flight+ ($129) and will also be launched May 1.

Once again, these compliment the iPod + Nano system instead of replacing the Nano like the Speed+ kits. All of them will be out on May 1 (for the thousandth time.)


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