Are you waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, worrying that your new iPhone with its $2k ultimate price tag is going to rape your checking account? Well fear not, true believers, the switch to AT&T (we might as well dispense with this Cingular business) may actually save you money!

If you've got an AT&T landline (so last year) in addition to a wireless account, you now have unlimited calls to and from any other AT&T customer, completely gratis. However, your padres who have an AT&T home line on a local network not owned by AT&T aren't part of the package, though your end of the call is free. The name of this gracious new perk to lure us into Ma Bell's loving arms? AT&T Unity.

AT&T Plans 'Unity' Strategy for Free Calls [NYT via GigaOM]
image via Private Line